Exotic Dance

How exotic dancing came to existence

Exotic dancing emerged as a form of entertainment in the early years of the 19th century. It was different in every other place around the world, but it was notably common in France whereby beautiful women dressed in revealing clothes would dance for the working class and communicate their views on political issues, gender, and social issues. It appeared as a way of the lower class women trying to get economic empowerment and recognition in the society. Exotic dancers faced a tough time since they were seen to go against social norms and taboos. The society would perceive them as individuals who lacked morals and would associate them with prostitution, but they managed to be brave through the hardships. The dance was then picked up by American entertainers who then facilitated in bring it to the modern exotic dance where talking is less, and the dancers like strippers in Cincinnati concentrate more on pleasing their clients with moves different from the previous notion.

A new type of audience came into where men of the middle income needed the services of the exotic dancers to have a sense of belonging to a particular class in the society. It created a niche in the market, and the entrepreneurs were quick to pick it up. They created new joints that the social classes would identify themselves with thus further up scaling the growth of the industry. In the late years of the 19th-century exotic dancing became common due to growth and expansion in the American economy. It was because of the need for leisure and pleasure as capitalism had gained ground, individuals had more than enough cash to spend on entertainment. Exotic dance has now become widely known around the globe with other countries adopting the trends.
Evidence of the popularity of the exotic dance;

Inclusion in other forms of entertainment

Exotic dance is widely used in music videos, movies, stages and tables in bars among other various means of entertainment and has some women make a decent living out of it raising their families and paying bills in the present times. Using pole dancing in other avenues is diversifying ways in which an individual can make money from dancing. It recreates a new aspect of the exotic dancer since now it can be even characterized in movies or even portrays the lavish lifestyles of the musicians. It is also used to promote bars.