How to Get a Liquor License in Florida

A license is required to sell beer, liquor, or wine in Florida. Anyone who intends to sell these beverages may not do so legally until a license is obtained. There are two licenses that you can obtain to sell liquor to patrons in the state, either of which you’ll obtain from the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Bureau of Licensing. The quota license is needed by full service alcohol establishments like bars and nightclubs. This license is obtainable only one time during the year and comes on a lottery basis. The SRX license is a license that restaurants must obtain. This license can be applied for any time of the year. In addition to the two main types of liquor licenses, the rare 54 subcategories of licenses that you can obtain based upon the type of establishment you operate.  But, just how do you get a liquor license in florida?

Documents Needed

Before you receive a liquor license in the state of Florida, you must submit an application to the bureau along with several important pieces of information and documents. It is important that you gather all of the documents and information needed ahead of time to minimize headaches. You will need a copy of your social security number as well as a copy for anyone else whose name will appear on the license. Fingerprinting may also be required to receive a liquor license in the state. There is a fee for fingerprint service, which is your responsibility to pay. The fingerprints must be submitted at the time of the application submission.

A Simple Application

The application is simple to complete but it’s important that you complete the information in its entirety to avoid delays in the processing time for your application. You’ll need to provide various pieces of information about yourself along with the requested documents to apply for the liquor license. You’ll need to answer a question concerning your criminal history. If you have a criminal history, a copy of your arrest record is also needed to submit with the application.  Some types of criminal convictions may cause your application to be denied especially if it was a felony criminal conviction. You can visit the agency website to learn more about criminal convictions that may cause your application to be denied.

Where to Complete a Florida Liquor License Application

To complete an application for a Florida liquor license, visit the agency website to download and print the application to send to the liquor license board. The applications are available at no cost. Keep in mind there is a liquor license fee that you should submit at the time of application submission. This fee is subject to change and is non-refundable under any circumstances. Don’t send cash but instead a cashier’s check or money order.  Bear in mind that it can take several weeks to process your application and grant the license. You’re unable to serve liquor in any form until this time elapses.